McKesson Connect customer portal



The Project

McKesson Connect is a website through which McKesson’s pharmaceutical-distribution customers order medicines and supplies. The portal also includes information about customer programs and events.

In 2017, the Connect team decided it was finally time to do a ground-up rebuild of the overall portal. The Connect team and I explored UX improvements that we could make, working within budgetary and platform constraints, as well as updating the look and feel. We incorporated user behaviors gleaned from analytics and customer feedback, and worked through wireframes. I then designed a series of screens, including overlays for search and a favoriting system.



McKesson Connect portal


McKesson Connect portal redesign program page

McKesson Connect portal redesign search

McKesson Connect portal redesign favorites

When McKesson’s overall brand was refreshed a few years ago, I redesigned the Connect theme. The Connect team didn’t have budget for development, so I limited the scope of the project to what changes could be effected with CSS. I developed the stylesheet, tested locally and handed off to the Connect IT team for deployment. By keeping the design and development in-house, I saved budget of $130,000. Below is the revised homepage, followed by the previous look.


McKesson Connect portal after refresh



McKesson Connect portal before refresh